Ashes of the Earth: A Mystery of Post-Apocalyptic America by Eliot Pattison

By Eliot Pattison

Thirty years after international holocaust, the colony of Carthage nonetheless struggles to construct its new global. whereas steam engines and different early commercial know-how have empowered its economic system, the delicate society is undermined via mystery crimes, rifts among generations, govt censorship, and a legacy of casting out those that be afflicted by radiation sickness.Embittered survivor Hadrian Boone—once a respected colony founder—has been hounded by means of melancholy and the ghosts of his previous right into a lifetime of drunkenness and common imprisonment for tough the governor’s tyranny. but if a steady outdated guy, the colony’s top scientist, is murdered, Hadrian glimpses chilling secrets and techniques at the back of the killing which can wreck the colony. knowing that he could be the just one in a position to reveal the reality, Hadrian starts off a determined quest during the underbelly of the colony into the wrenching camps of the outcasts, escorted by way of a tender policewoman who struggles to deal with the actual and emotional remnants of the previous international. finally Hadrian’s trip turns into certainly one of self-discovery, and to discover justice his maximum problem is navigating the tortuous course of the human spirit in a global that has been without end fractured.

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He spat at the boy. Blood streaming from his nose, Dax pushed back his shaggy blond hair and grinned as Kenton marched back down the trail. " Dax shouted at his back. " Hadrian stared at the boy, as disturbed by his bizarre words as by the policeman's behavior, then turned to the girls with a disappointed gaze. "No more pretending about the other side," he said, the words strangely choking in his throat. The last time he'd found a child suicide, he'd not been able to stop weeping for an hour.

It was the safest of responses, a slogan carved over the entry to the colony's courthouse. Hadrian clutched his throbbing shoulder a moment, then rose, brushing dried leaves and dirt off his clothes. " The younger girl laughed derisively and raised her necklace, shaking its amulet at Kenton, who reflexively jerked backward. It was a rattle from one of the local diamondback snakes, a favorite adornment of the adolescent gangs. The policeman clenched his fists, then glared again at Hadrian, as though he must be the one broadcasting the sergeant's secret past.

Then he realized Buchanan would have been up most of the night and not be seeing anyone until the afternoon. He lay on his pallet, trying to sleep but seeing Jonah's body hanging from the rafter every time he closed his eyes. He paced the cell, tested and rejected the old porridge left for breakfast, now cold and thick as paste, then paused by Wade's bunk. It took him only a moment to find the old book, hidden in the horsehair stuffing of the pallet. He considered whether to hide it elsewhere, or even to throw it through the hatch on the door for a guard to find, then leafed through it and studied the beautiful hand-painted maps, nearly twenty in all.

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