Ariel Sharon: An Intimate Portrait by Uri Dan

By Uri Dan

In 1954 reporter Uri Dan met a tender army commander named Ariel Sharon and him heavily for greater than part a century. Dan grew to become Sharon's relied on consultant and a witness to the defining moments of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict--from mystery conferences with heads of kingdom to open struggle within the Sinai. This riveting mixture of political background, narrative biography, interviews, and correspondence sheds new mild at the clash within the center East and gives an intimate, definitive portrait of Ariel Sharon--a man whose lifestyles is inextricably intertwined with Israel's future. With Hamas governing Palestine, Ariel Sharon gravely sick and the get together he based, the Kadima, in command of the Knesset, this booklet could not be extra well timed.

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Ben-Gurion told me of his concerns regarding the British. He was wary of them, while he trusted the French, perhaps because he was dealing with a Socialist government. After all, it’s normal that a political leader, particularly in a small country like Israel, should be permanently on the alert. Perhaps you interpreted as pessimism what was only Dayan’s legitimate concern? And so what if it was? I don’t see anything dishonorable in it; it wasn’t fear. Not at all. I wasn’t surrounded by people who were terrified but just preoccupied.

I still remember the rage of Israel Tal, “Talik,” who was then commander of the armored vehicle corps. We nonetheless decided to resume the task two days later, on November 3, and this time we were ready to respond to fire. As soon as the Syrians started to fire, our planes got involved. It was the beginning of the deterioration of relations between Israel and Syria, though neither country had respected the armistice agreements, anyway. From that day, we pursued our action against the diversion of the sources of the Jordan and strongly defended Israel’s rights over the smallest piece of border territory.

We can’t judge the leaders of that period in hindsight. Behind his image as a bon vivant, Dayan hid a deeply pessimistic temperament. As for Golda Meir, her profound * Future president of Israel, from 1993 to 2000. 38 ARIEL SHARON concern for the fate and the future of the Jewish people led her to challenge the Arabs’ statements. She thought that one had to be very cautious so as not to fall into their traps. You have to understand that it was another time and another generation. ” Her generation didn’t believe in the possibility of a negotiated peace with the Arabs.

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