Aquarius (Super Horoscopes 2009) by Margarete Beim

By Margarete Beim

The main entire horoscopes courses on the market.

on a daily basis, humans rely on their horoscopes for a glimpse at what is to come-and Berkley's well known Super Horoscopes provide the predictions that they are looking for. With certain sections at the heritage and makes use of of astrology, those thoroughly up-to-date books exhibit precisely what the long run holds.


- specified every year and day-by-day forecasts
- emerging signs
- fortunate numbers
- The cusp-born 1900-2010
- symptoms of the Zodiac
- personality analysis
- Love, romance, and marriage compatibility guide
- Moon tables
- Planting and fishing guides
- effect of the moon and planets
- November and December 2005 day-by-day forecasts repeated

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He likes to splurge when spending money on others. In some instances it may seem that the Lion’s generosity knows no boundaries. A hospitable person, the Leo man or woman is very fond of welcoming people to his house and entertaining them. He is never short of company. Leo has plenty of energy and drive. He enjoys working toward some specific goal. When he applies himself correctly, he gets what he wants most often. The Leo person is almost never unsure of himself. He has plenty of confidence and aplomb.

Obstacles do not frighten them. They forge ahead until they achieve what they set out for. The Scorpio man or woman has a strong will. Although Scorpio may seem rather fixed and determined, inside he is often quite tender and loving. He can care very much for oth­ ers. He believes in sincerity in all relationships. His feelings about someone tend to last; they are profound and not superficial. The Scorpio person is someone who adheres to his principles no matter what happens. He will not be deterred from a path he believes to be right.

Neptune, planet of vision and mystery, is enjoying a long cycle that excites creativity and imaginative thinking. Neptune is in airy Aquarius from November 1998 to February of 2012. Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer, represents two sides of the coin of wisdom: inspiration and reason. Here Neptune stirs power­ ful currents bearing a rich and varied harvest, the fertile breeding ground for idealistic aims and practical considerations. Neptune’s fine intuition tunes in to your dreams, your imagination, your spiri­ tuality.

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