Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box (Newsflesh, Book 0.1) by Mira Grant

By Mira Grant

A brand new brief tale from Mira provide, the writer of Feed. per week 5 neighbors celebration to play a game-- a video game they name the Apocalypse online game. It's a enjoyable time with chips and beer and plotting the top of the area. other than this time, one among them is lacking and the stakes are larger than ever before.

Word count number: ~3,900

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He was a tall, middle-aged man with a thin face and a ferocious overbite. I found myself wishing that Amrita had come along. Her stolid presence would have been a buffer between me and these intense strangers. "I believe that Mr. Luczak should hear our offer," said Gupta suddenly. The others nodded. As if on cue, the lights went off. It was pitch-black in the windowless room. There were shouts from various places in the building, and candles were brought in. Mr. Chatterjee leaned across the table and assured me that this was a common occurrence.

Much more to my liking were the rare times when we went to the Lakshmi Hotel Nightclub to see the women dance in their underwear. Such a thing was almost unthinkable to a devout Hindu such as myself, but I confess I found it terribly exciting. Sanjay called it "bourgeois decadence" and explained that it was our duty to witness the sickening corruption, which the revolution was destined to replace. In all, we went five times to witness the decadence, and each time Sanjay loaned me the princely sum of fifty rupees.

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