Any Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession by Erica Jong

By Erica Jong

Any Woman's Blues, first released in 1990, is a story of dependancy and narcissism-the dual obsessions of ourage. World-famous people singer Leila Sand emerged from the sixties and seventies with addictions to medicinal drugs and booze. Leila's most modern habit is to a more youthful guy who leaves her sexually ecstatic yet emotionally bereft. The orgasmic frenzies trump the betrayals, so she retains coming again for extra.

finally, Leila frees herself through studying the foundations of affection, the Twelve Steps, and the foremost to Serenity in an odyssey that takes her from AA conferences to dens of sin, events with "names" worthy shedding, and erotic gondola rides.

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These I have taken the liberty of inserting into the text—in italics—where I presume Isadora Wing wished them to go. Thus we have a unique record of an author arguing with, and indeed heckling, her creature—a creative dialogue that must go on in the heads of all novelists, but that, in most cases, we are not privileged to see. When did Isadora Wing write Any Woman’s Blues? Internal references in the manuscript make it probable that the novel was composed in the late eighties, at the tail end of the decade of greed and excess known as the Reagan years.

I thought we were pals, partners, lovers, friends. I, who had always—even in my marriages—maintained my obsessive separateness, now let myself relax into the sweetness of coupling, the sweetness of partnership, the two who are united against a world of hostile strangers. It must be admitted: famous women attract con men and carpetbaggers. The sweeter men, the normal men, are shyer and hesitate to come close. So one looks around and sees a world filled with Claus von Bülows, Chéris, and Morris Townsends, in short, a world of heiress-hunters, gigolos, and grifters.

And the more fun they are in bed, the more uncontrollable they are. For it is the wildness within that guarantees the wildness in bed. Pan does not buy one life insurance nor come home for dinner at the same time each night. I could buy my own life insurance. But I did need a little more serenity than life with Dart provided. But what about love? you ask. Where does love enter into the equation? I know he loved me passionately. He loved me as the knife loves the wound it makes, as the female tarantula loves the male whose head she gobbles, as the nursing baby boy loves the nipple he takes between his teeth and chews until it spurts blood mixed with milk.

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