An introduction to English runes by R I Page

By R I Page

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305, 352. Page, 'An Early Drawing of the Ruthwell Cross', Medieval Archaeology 3 (1959), 285-8. Page, 'The Bewcastle Cross', Nottingham Medieval Studies 4 (1960), 54-6. See also the postscript in Runes and Runic Inscriptions, 70. 2. The Manchester ring, from Hickes's Thesaurus. Again, however, it was the scholars of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries who put English runic studies on a sound basis. Hickes distinguished clearly between character and language, realising that Old English was occasionally recorded in runes though he thought the Anglo-Saxons learnt them from the Vikings.

This book could not have been written, or rewritten, without the help of Page xv colleagues, so numerous that it is impossible to name them all here. Indeed, over the years runologists from many countries have shared their knowledge with me and challenged my opinions. No runologist can work without the co-operation of museum curators and librarians and of incumbents and vergers of the churches that preserve so many of our runic relics. I thank these men of learning and of God for their hospitality and friendliness.

5. The Chessell Down scabbard mount runes. (1:1) addition to the original mount, and that the runes were cut shortly before the sword was buried with its owner, make this less likely. 15 A more recent case is the Loveden Hill (Lincolnshire) cremation urn with its fifteen runes apparently divided into three groups. In 1980 Odenstedt interpreted them as a sentence, 'Siþæbæd gets bread'; in 1989 Elliott as a threefold description of a cinerary urn: 'bed for the journey (of death)'; 'dwelling'; 'sepulchre'; in 1990 Eichner as 'Siþæbald consecrates you.

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