An Infamous Army: A Novel of Wellington, Waterloo, Love and by Georgette Heyer

By Georgette Heyer

At the eve of conflict, passions are working high... ''A outstanding achievement...vivid, exact, dramatic...the description of Waterloo is magnificent.''-DAILY MAIL ''My favourite ancient novelist.''-MARGARET DRABBLE in the summertime OF 1815, with Napolean Bonaparte marching down from the north, Brussels is a whirlwind of events, balls and soirees. within the swirling social scene surrounding the Duke of Wellington and his noble aides de camp, nobody draws extra recognition than the attractive, outrageous younger widow girl Barbara Childe. On their first assembly, speeding Colonel Charles Audley proposes to her, yet even their betrothal does not calm her wild habit. eventually, with the conflict of Waterloo raging simply miles away, civilians fleeing and the wounded pouring again into town, woman Barbara discovers the place her center relatively lies, and prefer a real noblewoman, she rises to the get together, and to the calls for of affection, lifestyles and war... ''Wonderful characters, based, witty writing, excellent interval element, and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the remainder of us in simple terms aspire to.'' -KATIE FFORDE

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InfamousArmy Internals 7/20/07 3:18 PM Page 37 An Infamous Army 3 7 ‘Oh, I can tell you a deal about the Emperors,’ offered the Colonel. ’ He was interrupted. ’ commanded Judith. ‘Dancing,’ he replied. ’ ‘You are most provoking. Are you pledged to secrecy? ’ ‘Not in the least,’ said the Colonel cheerfully. ‘Life in Vienna was one long ball. I have been devoting a great part of my time to the quadrille. ’ she remarked. ’ said the Colonel. ‘Of course not! He likes it. ’ She was quite dumbfounded by this unexpected light cast upon the proceedings at Vienna, but before she could express her astonishment her husband came into the room, and the subject was forgotten in the greeting between the brothers, and the exchange of questions.

I only wish Bab may not play fast and loose with him. ’ This argument was one that could not but appeal to the Marquis. ’ Another gurgle of laughter came from the opposite corner of the carriage. The Marquis said severely: ‘It’s all very well to laugh. No doubt it amuses you to make your name a byword. ’ said his wife, yawning again. ‘Don’t be anxious,Vidal! ’ The carriage passed over an uneven stretch of pavé. Unpleasantly jolted, the Marquis said angrily: ‘Upon my word! Do you like to have your name bandied about?

I love you,’ replied the Colonel. Momentary surprise, which caused her wonderful eyes to fly upwards to his again, gave place immediately to frank amusement. ’ ‘Was it unexpected? ’ ‘Certainly. At the end of a week I might expect you to say just that, but you have said it within ten minutes of making my acquaintance, and so have taken my breath away. ’ InfamousArmy Internals 7/20/07 3:18 PM Page 53 An Infamous Army 5 3 ‘That is all,’ said the Colonel. Again she cast him that considering glance.

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