All Rites Reversed: Ritual Technology for Self Initiation by Antero Alli

By Antero Alli

All Rites Reversed?! is full of ritual innovations stripped of dogma and imposed trust for potent rite. "When you input Antero Alli's magic circle you turn into one with the 1st Paleolithic shamans dancing to the bear-god. you are going to be aware of your self here-now as you could have by no means identified your self before..".

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The Executioner stands in the center of a large circle made up of the others. Loud rock'n'roll or marching music (Joy Division has worked well) starts the circle of Intentional Victi~s moving. When one of them is ready to die, he/she catches the attentIOn of the Executioner and communicates his/her fantasy: how she/he wishes to die and/or be killed. Another Children'S Game. Each participant takes turns presenting a characterization to the rest of the group in a spotlight situation. This character is the direct xpression of the title of this task.

Then, open the base of your spine. If your feet are flat on the ground, open your arches up. Get a tl ose of being a dark, hollow shell with these openings at the bottom. W tch your breathing and let it be natural, so you do not hold your breath. 'I'hen, connect your breath to EARTH ENERGY. On the inhale, breathe in i\ARTH ENERGY up through the spine's base and/ or the arches and on the I hale, circulate this EARTH ENERGY throughout your entire body. I peat this cycle of connected energetic breathing, filling yourself with I(ARTH ENERGY.

GRAVITY From NO-FORM, locate contact point with GRAVITY AS SOU~CE OF ENERGY. Give yourself to this source and develop rapport WIth THE EARTH through it. Let this relationship develop a dance and a song. Incorporate Gesture. THE GARDEN From NO-FORM, locate contact point with MOST FERTILE SOIL. become aware of the SUN above you. Let a SEED DROP FROM THE CENTE~ OF THE SUN down into the soil. Stay with SEED as a contact pomt. After some development, let it RAIN. Let the SEED sprout and break the soil's surfa~e.

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