Airlift! The Story of the Military Airlift Command by Marcella Thum

By Marcella Thum

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At the plane's altitude, the winds were 190 miles per hour, a higher velocity than they had ever before recorded. Lurching into the eye, they ''kicked out" the circling for an accurate readout. When pressure on their oil dropped toward dropsonde unit and orbited, number three engine zero, they got out of the eye at and sought once a pre- number four engine light They shut number four down, finally viously seen 50-mile clear area. Their indicated a faulty generator. all landing safely in Houston, Texas.

Present-day ''Hurricane Hunters' use the a Miami the granite faces of thunderstorms in the line of feeder-band clouds tightened by C-130 Hercules, ''eye" penetration of the hurricane at a set time. told I a modified version of the Hercules. It can penetrate hurricanes at 10,000 feet to collect data from the eye of the storm. Navigator keeps track of the aircraft's position, using radar to locate the storm and guide pilot into its eye. was in the left seat, flying the airplane mon sense warned that through an area where com- we should not go/' Using compass headings selected from radar returns, the WC- 150 was put on an irregular course through thunderstorms, violent turbulence, and torrential rain.

Began airlift to take a leading role in projecting America's military force abroad. S. national interests, was the Yom Kippur War. up of these military airlift missions, backing Israeli airlift of A fierce conflict had 1973, during the erupted between Israel and Egypt and Syria. Russia and was running dangerously low on tanks, rockets, and Israel was supplying Egypt and Syria with arms, ammunition. S. decision to assist Israel, the first MAC was loaded and airborne. Within 33 days, C-141s and C-5s flew 566 missions over 6,450 nautical miles, making only a single stop en route for refueling.

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