Aerosol science for industrial hygienists by James H. Vincent

By James H. Vincent

Aerosols in place of work atmospheres were - and stay - a huge concentration of business hygiene. even if there are numerous current texts on aerosol technological know-how and on occupational overall healthiness respectively, this new ebook units out to be complementary to those and to supply a hyperlink among the 2 fields. specifically, the critical thought of employee publicity results in a established process which pulls jointly wide-ranging Read more...

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At one end of the scale ~ the microscopic level ~ we are concerned with the flow of air over and around a small airborne particle of matter, and therefore to the fluid mechanical drag (and lift) forces acting on it. ) within which aerosols are contained and dispersed. Basic physics The starting point for describing the dynamical behaviour of a fluid is the familiar 'second law' of Sir Isaac Newton, the great English physicist from the 1600s. This states that the product of mass and acceleration of a 'body' is equal to the sum of all the forces acting.

42 Properties of aerosols Coagulation, agglomeration and coalescence If particles in an aerosol can come into contact with one another and, in so doing, remain joined together, then the total number of airborne entities in the aerosol is reduced whilst the effective entity size is increased. At the same time, however, the mass concentration remains the same. One mechanism by which the particles come into contact is thermal in origin, derived from their random (or Brownian) motions governed by collisions with gas molecules whose own random velocities are a function of gas temperature as described by the classical kinetic theory of gases.

1 ) , this m e a n s t h a t mfp is also i n v e r s e l y p r o p o r t i o n a l to gas p r e s s u r e . A d d i t i o n a l l y , f o r c o n s t a n t v o l u m e it is d i r e c t l y p r o p o r t i o n a l to t e m p e r a t u r e . 2. What is the mean free path for air molecules at STP? What does its value become at the top of Mount Everest (where the air pressure falls to about 50% of that at sea level)? 066 ~m. 13 jxm As we shall discuss in a later c h a p t e r , the m a g n i t u d e of m f p b e c o m e s very i m p o r t a n t in relation to the a e r o d y n a m i c b e h a v i o u r of particles in s o m e w o r k p l a c e aerosols w h e r e t h e r e are high p r o p o r t i o n s of particles w h o s e sizes are of the s a m e o r d e r of m a g n i t u d e as m f p (or less).

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