Advanced Nuclear Plant Options - to Cope w. Extl Events

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Level 4, for the prevention of accident progression, is to consider systematically the wide range of preventive strategies for accident management and to include means to control accidents resulting in severe core damage. This will include suitable devices to protect the containment function such as the capability of the containment building to withstand hydrogen deflagration, or improved protection of the basemat for the prevention of melt-through. Level 5, for the mitigation of the radiological consequences of significant releases, could be reduced, owing to improvements at previous levels, and especially owing to reductions in source terms.

SWR 1000 Off-site emergency response actions as evacuation, relocation are not required. Food control is restricted to the immediate vicinity of the plant. EPR Finland Off-site emergency response actions as evacuation, relocation and food control to be restricted to the immediate vicinity of the plant. ACR-700 Large, separate water volumes in and around the reactor core (moderator and shield water) practically allow excluding large early release for BDBA and reduce the probability of containment failure and consequential late large release due to severe core damage.

Many of these features are common to the different advanced NPP designs addressed in this section. On the basis of information gathered from the data sheets, a non-exhaustive list of design approaches and enabling technologies, specifically used in these NPP designs has been prepared and provided in Tables 5, 6, 7 and 8. 32 TABLE 5. HEAT SINKS THAT REMAIN AVAILABLE WITH THE LOSS OF EXTERNAL COOLANT SUPPLY SAFETY FUNCTION SPECIFIC DESIGN APPROACHES OR ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES NAMES OF NPP DESIGNS IN WHICH A USE OF GIVEN DESIGN APPROACH OR ENABLING TECHNOLOGY IS EXPLICITLY MENTIONED IN THE ASSOCIATED DATASHEET.

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