ADULTERY by Louise DeSalvo

By Louise DeSalvo

Louise DeSalvo dangers all, within the corporation of Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Henry Miller, and Madam Recamier. by means of filtering the tale of her personal husband's affair via other's tales, she revels within the continually fascinating fable and tells from the customarily painful truth of adultery. The conclusions she attracts, and the stability she reveals in her marriage and in others, make ADULTERY a enjoyable, poignant, and compassionate ebook.

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And so, what did I do after this hypersexualized experience? I went to sleep and dreamed adultery dreams. They were (perhaps) better than the real thing would have been; they surely got me in much less trouble. Exactly what Bill Clinton did after he read Vox (if he read Vox) I have not as yet learned, though I feel sure that I soon will learn this and much that I want (or don't want) to know. (I don't mind telling you that I do like knowing that Monica Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that she used her affair with Bill Clinton to get over an affair she was having with some guy named Andy who lived on the West Coast.

Nice and safe. Nice and companionate. The illusion of adultery without the risk. He would talk about his children; she would talk about hers. He would talk about his foreign investments; he would give her advice about starting hers. He would talk about his wife and her sexual inadequacies; she would sigh and stare at the dregs of her coffee and wonder whether he would ever reach slowly, slowly across the table to touch her face and stroke her hair. The only erotic thing that they had ever done together was to fornicate desperately and quickly one evening on the top of his desk amid tax forms and debentures, but that was largely because he wasn't going to see her for the three months that Helen would be in England that summer, and she had brought a bottle of wine up to his office at closing time.

In it, he arrives in Italy on board some glamorous steamship that has taken him across the Atlantic Oceanthe Andrea Doria, say. This boat trip is far different from the one that brought him to the United States in the first place. Then he traveled because he had to and he came in steerage, carrying a single suitcase. For he was part of the southern Italian diasporahe left Italy because there was not enough work there to sustain him. Now, though, he travels because it is his desire that compels him, and his passage is pleasant.

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