Addiction (Psychological Disorders) by Vatsal Thakkar

By Vatsal Thakkar

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Jerry was detoxified from alcohol over seven days, using medications to suppress his withdrawal symptoms. Then he Alcohol and Other Sedatives started to take part in behavioral therapy groups while he was still at the recovery center. He was transferred to a residential treatment center for three weeks and was released when he earned his one-month sobriety chip from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). He plans to attend daily AA meetings for the next two months. He is also in the middle of a career switch, so he can remove himself from the daily proximity to alcohol.

In addition, she occasionally gets a twinge of pain in her chest when she’s exerting herself. This scares her, but she is afraid to go to the doctor to get it checked. Her father died of a heart attack at 62 and her mother died of cancer at age 70. Now there’s also pressure at work to develop a healthy lifestyle. GM is holding free health clinics to help employees lose weight, eat properly, and quit smoking. The company advertises that it will provide free smoking cessation treatment. Jeanine is strongly considering signing up for this program.

This change in the activity of neurons is what causes the desired effect from a certain drug. The human body does not like to be manipulated. Any foreign drug introduced into the body will activate biological mechanisms that try to counteract the effect of the drug. One of the ways the brain does this is to up-regulate or down-regulate receptors. Let’s say a neuron has 50 receptors on its surface for molecule X, and that molecule X is hard to come by. All 50 of those receptors are just sitting and waiting for molecule X to come along.

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