Acid Row by Minette Walters

By Minette Walters

Acid Row is a crime-infested housing undertaking that exists via its personal legislation. while information comes baby has been abducted, the disappointment and anger that has been seething at the streets of Acid Row is ignited. And nobody should be secure.

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She gave another call, louder this time, then took the stairs two at a time and flung open the child's bedroom door. Seconds later she burst into the sitting-room. " she demanded. "Dunno," said Barry carelessly, flicking up the sound again. " "Out ... OUT ... Not fucking in. Jesus! " Laura snatched the remote control from his hand and killed the picture. " she demanded of Kimberley. The girl shrugged. " she suggested with an upward inflection. " "How would I know? " The panic in the woman's expression persuaded her to stop teasing.

Kimberley snapped her fingers at her brother. " she demanded peremptorily. " Barry looked nervously towards Laura. " The girl took an angry swipe at him. " He moved out into the corridor, bunching his fists and preparing to defend himself. "I don't want her to go ... not till Dad gets home anyway. I don't reckon it's my fault, so I shouldn't have to take the blame for it. Dad went ape shit when Mum left .. and you just made it worse by saying you were glad she was gone. You're so fucking stupid you'll probably do the same again ..

She'd love to have married and had babies herself.. but it didn't work out for her. " Melanie shrugged. "She was bugging me something chronic, so I took the mickey about her not having any kids. She got really hurry. " Sophie remembered how Fay had spat when she'd been talking to her. " She stood up and placed her mug on a table. She was careful not to show how angry she was. She could imagine the senior partner's fury if the practice got hit for compensation for 'pain and suffering'. The bloody woman ought to have been locked up years ago.

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