Accid. Anal. - Nuclear Powerplants with PHWRs

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Kobe, 1996. [13] INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, Accident Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants with Pressurized Water Reactors, Safety Reports Series, IAEA, Vienna (in press). 42 GLOSSARY Only PHWR specific terms are introduced below. For general terms, see Ref. [3]. adjuster rods. Solid rods within the core used for flux shaping and startup. C-006. Atomic Energy Control Board Consultative Document C-006. calandria. Low pressure vessel containing the heavy water moderator, through which the fuel channels run.

International Atomic Energy Agency Munhoz-Camargo, C. International Atomic Energy Agency Salvatores, S. Electricité de France, France Snell, V.

PHWR system to remove heat generated in normal operation (by conduction from the channels and direct deposition of neutron and gamma energy) from the moderator; typically 5% of full power. 44 pressure control and relief. Liquid relief valves are large valves connected to the HTS for overpressure relief. Steam relief valves are also connected to the pressurizer. Steam bleed valves are smaller valves connected to the pressurizer for pressure control. Pressurizer heaters are the primary means of routine pressure control.

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