Above and Beyond. 365 Meditations for Transcending Chronic by J.S. Dorian

By J.S. Dorian

Bursting with insightful meditations that inspire non secular therapeutic whereas addressing the original wishes of these with continual affliction and persistent soreness, this publication is a must have for someone looking religious assistance and down-to-earth feedback on the right way to reside with continual ailment and soreness.

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January 9 “Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. ” BHAGAVAD GITA After many months, you were finally able to surrender to the painful new realities of your illness. By no means had you been able to achieve total acceptance, yet on a day-to-day basis you had become quite skillful at the fine art of accommodation. By trial and error, for example, you determined which of your favorite sports you would be able to continue without restriction and which you would have to give up.

HORACE As soon as you opened your eyes this morning, you knew that extreme pain would be your constant companion all day. You lingered in bed, allowing your mind to fully awaken along with your body, getting in touch with past experiences of days such as this. You recalled episodes of pain-generated impatience and fury. You remembered, all too clearly, how your negativity and irritability manifested itself in behavior so hurtful that it sometimes brought others to tears. So you remained in bed a while longer, taking the time to decide that this would not be that kind of day.

The sun rises and sets with comforting predictability, but the hours in between are another matter entirely. For those of us living with chronic illness, each new day can present unexpected challenges. We awaken and remain in bed for a while, checking pain levels, wondering how much energy we will have and what we will be able to accomplish. Then fear creeps in and we begin to worry about all sorts of problems. There’s a mysterious hum in the refrigerator; a new pothole on the street; a chimney that needs to be cleaned before the weather turns cold.

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