A Wholly Different Way Of Living by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

By Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

At a time of unparalleled outer switch within the political and social spheres, is there a primary internal switch that's demanded of every considered one of us? within the eighteen dialogues with Professor Allan W Anderson, Emeritus Professor of non secular reviews at San Diego kingdom collage. J. Krishnamurti exhibits that pinning our hopes on prepared faith, technological know-how, political ideology or the marketplace economic system not just fails to handle easy human difficulties yet really creates them. They manner out of our problems, Krishnamurti states, can merely begin within the brain of every one among us, in an understanding of how we really understand existence, ourselves and others. Professor Anderson, all through those dialogues, refers to many passages of Western and jap non secular scriptures that he believes were misunderstood and which in truth help Krishnamurti's statements. The dialogues, reproduced in an edited and a bit abridged model during this e-book, happened at San diego nation collage from 18 to twenty-eight February 1974.

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It's one long monologue. And after a while you get the feeling that it really is a shocking waste of time. And even to sit down and have coffee the discussion say between classes usually runs on the basis of babble, we are just talking about things in which we are not genuinely interested in, in order to fill up space. This, however, is far more serious a matter than simply a description of what's going on. K: It's a matter, I feel, of life and death. A: Exactly. K: If the house is burning I've got to do something.

K: And I feel it is so urgent because I see it in India, I see in Europe and America, everywhere I go this sense of slackness, sense of, you know, sense of despair, sense of hopeless activity that is going on. So to come back to what we are saying, relationship is the highest importance. When in that relationship there is conflict, we produce a society which will further that conflict, through education, through national sovereignties, through all the rest of it that is going on in the world. So a serious man, serious in the sense who is really concerned, committed, must give his total attention to this question of relationship, freedom and knowledge.

Yes precisely. K: Whether I go to the office, the factory, or drive a bus or whatever it is, it is life, living. A: But it is interesting, isn't it, that even when that rupture is undergone, at a very destructive level, what we call thought in the context of our description of it and image becomes itself, even distorted, K: Of course, of course, A: So that the distortion that we've been calling knowledge in terms of its application - not as you described as, I need to know how to get from here to there, no of course - can itself suffer an even worse condition than we are presently related to; and we have tomes upon tomes about that pathology in itself don't we?

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