A Teen Guide to Buying Bonds by Tammy Gagne

By Tammy Gagne

The complicated global of making an investment in bonds is simplified for brand new teenager. From what bonds are to how they're suffering from financial alterations is distinct with concrete examples from the teen's global.

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Ideally, you want to buy bonds that offer the highest possible interest at the lowest possible price. It is also important that the issuer has a good track record of honoring debt securities. Bonds that investors purchase on the secondary market can be especially risky, since their prices move according to the yield. Bonds that offer higher interest rates will go up in price if interest rates fall. Likewise, bonds that offer lower interest rates will go down in price if rates go up. You must also consider the price you will pay a broker for bonds.

Laddering simply means buying numerous bonds that will mature at different times. A single bond will pay you a certain amount of interest. Several smaller bonds will pay you different rates. indd 41 5/15/13 4:34 PM CHAPTER 5 One of the best ways to lessen your overall risk is by buying numerous smaller bonds that will mature at different times. This strategy is called laddering. and some may pay more than others. Your overall chance of earning more money is greater with laddering, though. Another benefit to laddering is that it keeps more of your money liquid.

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