A Student's Text-Book of Astrology by Vivian Robson, David R Roell

By Vivian Robson, David R Roell

The 12 months ahead of he wrote his recognized ebook on fastened stars, Vivian Robson (1890-1942) wrote this one. In it, he positioned the distillation of 4 years extreme paintings, spent within the British Museum examining Room, the place he studied virtually each astrology e-book ever written, in English and Latin. To this present day, he's nearly the single guy to have ever undertaken a examine of this magnitude.

What makes the Student's Text-Book of Astrology specific is its unheard of wealth of aspect. issues comprise own visual appeal, personality and brain, healthiness and injuries, Finance, profession, and lots more and plenty extra. for every, Robson offers particular ideas of judgment after which offers aphorisms accrued from many old resources. the result's some of the most finished astrology books ever written.

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