A Savage Place by Robert B. Parker

By Robert B. Parker

Television reporter sweet Sloan has eyes the colour of cornflowers and legs that extend all of the method to heaven. She additionally has someone threatening to arrange her beautiful face if she retains on snooping into fees of Hollywood racketeering.

Spenser's task is to maintain sweet fit until eventually she breaks the largest tale of her occupation. yet her celebrity witness has simply bowed out with 3 bullets in his chest, tricky men have doubled as much as try out Spenser's ability along with his fists, and sweet is set to take advantage of her personal candy physique as reside bait in a perilous romantic game--a video game which could price Spenser his existence.

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Take it anyway,” I said. She turned onto San Vincente. ” “Maybe. There’s a car behind us. ” Candy checked the rearview mirror. ” We crossed the intersection at Third with the Pontiac still behind us. He had dropped back a little. There were two cars between us. San Vincente Boulevard slants northwest for a short way across the more conventional Los Angeles grid from Pico Boulevard to Melrose Avenue. It crosses La Cienega between Wilshire Avenue and Third Street. At Beverly we turned right and went three blocks east, then left, and we were back heading north on La Cienega.

It’s because my heart is pure,” I said. ” She sat down and ordered a piña colada. Candy and I had another round. “Agnes does publicity for the studio,” Candy said to me. ” She was plump without being exactly fat. Just shapely on a larger scale. She had a Cupid’s-bow mouth and thin arching eyebrows that she must have plucked often. Her hair was brass-colored and she wore a lot of makeup. The waiter brought the drinks. ” Agnes said. She drank half her piña colada in a swallow. “Maybe. Mr. Spenser is visiting me from the East and was interested in how a studio works.

Strong arm,” I said to the black man. “I don’t doubt it,” he said. ” “Roger, we’d better talk about this,” Agnes said. ” “No,” Hammond said. He pointed a finger at Candy Sloan and then pointed the same finger at the commissary door. Dramatic. You could tell he was creative. Candy nodded at me. I got up slowly and as I did Ray moved just out of jab range with a small economical shuffle that made the movement barely noticeable. A waiter hovered uncertainly around us with a bill. Hammond took it and put it in his pocket, and the waiter ducked back and disappeared.

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