A Rogue's Life by Wilkie Collins

By Wilkie Collins

A Rogue's lifestyles is a picaresque novel that used to be written via Wilkie Collins and released in 1879. The ebook facilities round the misadventures of Frank Softly, the son of a winning physician, who refuses to stick to in his father's footsteps. Wilkie Collins used to be a well-liked English author within the nineteenth century. Collins was once a detailed pal of Charles Dickens and his books have been frequently featured in Dickens' journals the entire 12 months around and loved ones phrases. Collins' books nonetheless get pleasure from large reputation, specially secret and detective novels akin to the girl in White, The Moonstone, and Armadale.

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The consequence was, that some of the most famous artists of the English school, whose pictures are now bought at auction sales for fabulous sums, were then hardly able to make an income. They were a scrupulously patient and conscientious body of men, who would as soon have thought of breaking into a house, or equalizing the distribution of wealth, on the highway, by the simple machinery of a horse and pistol, as of making Old Masters to order. They sat resignedly in their lonely studios, surrounded by unsold pictures which have since been covered again and again with gold and bank-notes by eager buyers at auctions and show-rooms, whose money has gone into other than the painter's pockets---who have never dreamed that the painter had the smallest moral right to a farthing of it.

I have never seen this great man since he compounded with his creditors and got out of prison; but my feelings toward him are still those of profound gratitude and respect. He gave me the only useful teaching I ever had; and if this should meet the eye of Gentleman Jones I hereby thank him for beginning and ending my education in two evenings, without costing me or my family a single farthing. CHAPTER III. To return to my business affairs. When I was comfortably settled in the prison, and knew exactly what I owed, I thought it my duty to my father to give him the first chance of getting me out.

You brute! " cried my amiable sister, shaking her skirts with all her might, "you have done this on purpose! Don't tell me! I know you have. " she continued, turning fiercely upon the partner of her existence and legitimate receptacle of all her superfluous wrath. "What do you mean by bringing me here, to see how you have been swindled? Yes, sir, swindled! He has no more idea of painting than you have. He has cheated you out of your money. If he was starving tomorrow he would be the last man in England to make away with himself--he is too great a wretch--he is too vicious--he is too lost to all sense of respectability--he is too much of a discredit to his family.

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