A Rebirth for Christianity by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

By Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The quest to discover the hidden origins of Christianity and observe its real message has develop into a present subject of fascination for plenty of readers. everyone is wanting to understand the truths in the back of the biblical legends and the mysteries that created Christian rites, ceremonies, and codes of habit. Kuhn argues that the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity don't painting ancient truths, yet symbolic and mystical metaphors. The non secular fact encoded in scripture, says Kuhn, is way extra very important than its literal narrative. Kuhn's examine presents a transparent realizing of the allegorical interpretations of the scriptures and their importance to a deeper, extra profound Christianity. He lines the old and philosophical origins of Christian suggestion to demonstrate that Jesus used to be one of the incarnations of a permanent archetype that has surfaced in lots of religions. actually, those that wrote the scriptures can have by no means even meant the focal point to be on Jesus, the fellow. in addition, Kuhn investigates the issues (psychological, religious, and differently) that consequence from a only ancient interpretation of Jesus. In doing so, Kuhn reclaims the magical strength on the center of Christianity's message, which has to do with the "birth" of the internal Christ and the emergence of divine attention in humanity.

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It is asserted, for example, that the Egyptians knew of the interior structure of the atom. Their mechanical resources 56 for the building of the pyramids are still a matter of mystery. Their knowledge of the astronomical periodicities was amazingly accurate. Many hints are found in the literature of Greece that her wisdom derived from remote Egyptian sources. Plato recounts the legend of Atlantis told by an aged Egyptian priest to Solon. Fixed in the opinion that nothing could have been embalmed in literature save facts, (although we realize today that even the most scrupulous accounts of events are always colored by the observer or narrator, if only by the selection of what is reported) the scholarly mind has gone off on many a wild goose chase after the ghosts of history entified out of allegorical and dramatic type-figures.

If the devotee gazes upon the idol in full knowledge that it is a device designed to stir in him a more vivid sense of the high realities it symbolizes, there is in fact no idolatry at all. The image serves as an outward reminder of an inward and invisible truth and beauty. The Christian has, in his houses of worship, many images of saints as well as those of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. If he adores these representations in the belief that the divine essence of saving power is actually embodied therein, he, too, is guilty of idolatry.

But it was peripheral to the power within, and never usurped the central role in pagan worship. In the end, it seems necessary to say that no other religion in the world has so completely turned its people's worship from inner subjective to outer objective levels as has Christianity. By centering the means of man's salvation in a hypostatized historical person, it has been forced to deprive man of his own divinity. 68 Chapter 10 WHEN MESSIAH COMETH In the vast complex of scriptural interpretations produced in the third and fourth centuries, one central and powerful motif was the expectation of the coming of the Messiah--an expectation that constantly aroused and agitated the Christian congregation.

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