A Primer Of Sidereal Astrology by Cyril Fagan

By Cyril Fagan

The fundamental textbook of the Western Sidereal college of astrology

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This e-book is for the Born back Christian who has stumbled and has doubts in the event that they are nonetheless stored end result of the stumble. the writer supply many examples and Bible verses to teach that you're nonetheless stored, you cannot lose it. the best aspect that Mr. Marr makes is that this: may the explanation that you simply stumbled, as an example a sin of a few sort, that now has you frightened while you are nonetheless a Christian, would it not have afflicted you that you just did it prior to you turned A Born back Christian?

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Because however far we can go, we will discover magical practices waiting for us. Recognition of magic power and the accompanying urge to manipulate it exists from earliest creation. Folklorist and practitioner of magic Zora Neale Hurston identified God as the original hoodoo doctor, because he spoke the world into creation with a series of magical words. That’s a concept that would have been familiar to the ancient Egyptians. Among their many creation stories is one where Ptah the craftsman god, the original mason, also brings the world into existence using magic words.

The definition quoted above comes from a well-worn 1965 edition, not that long ago considering the entire scope of time, but still, perhaps a newer edition might offer a more modern definition. With the wonders of modern technology and automatic updates, Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary is about as up-to-date as dictionaries get, yet its definition of the word witch is similar to the one from 1965 with but one significant addition: WITCH 1: one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers; especially: a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of a devil or familiar: SORCERESS—compare WARLOCK 2: an ugly old woman: HAG 3: a charming or alluring girl or woman 4: a practitioner of Wicca Now in addition to “practicing usually black witchcraft” the witch may also be “a practitioner of Wicca” although whether Wicca and black witchcraft are different or synonymous is not addressed.

Quite often, as in that Zuni tale, the witches show up bearing life-saving knowledge and skill. Imagine the earliest people on Earth, our most remote ancestors, encountering new plants, strange animals, and substances never before seen. hey have no pre-existing scientific context. Science posits a lengthy trial-and-error period. Conventional shamanic wisdom suggests that those animated plants, animals, and substances identified themselves and explained their gifts and dangers in a manner comprehensible to the shaman, who served as their medium to the greater human community.

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