A Further Record: Extracts from Meetings 1928-1945 by P. D. Ouspensky

By P. D. Ouspensky

Our version is a brand new structure; huge paperback a hundred and sixty x 230 mm, published on off-white caliber paper. textual content is similar environment and web page numbering as unique variation. within the comparable layout we released additionally A list OF conferences.

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O. Quite possible; but the chief thing here is not so much using machines. Machines make people serve them, and really machines control the movements and the life of human beings— the place where they live, the food they eat.. Certainly they control them, because machines keep them for themselves. But the important thing is invention itself. , for granted now, that we forget how new they really are; we do not notice how such things change during a comparatively short period, visible to ordinary eye.

Emotional states, emotional tension comes, but then we lose it in identification and things like that. But we could use it. Q. Is the way of using it to continually recollect the taste of it? MR. O. No. I mean use. If you try to remember yourself in an emotional state—you will see for yourself, it is a matter of observation—that will give you a different power of thinking, a different power of understanding. You can understand things quite differently. If the emotion is very strong, and if you remember yourself at the time, you will even see things differently; you will see many things you cannot see now.

For instance, can you put your finger on this thing and tell me which is the most extraordinary thing of our time? Q. Things go so much quicker? MR. O. But why? Really, time keeps on to be the same. Q. Instability? MR. O. Just the same, always the same. There may be more stability now, we don't know; but it is not the cause, it is the result if it is instability. Why do you think instability is peculiar to our time, and why more stability in the time of C aesar? Q. Inventions? Scientific discoveries?

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