A Dictionary of Greek and Latin Legal Terms in Rabbinic by Daniel Sperber

By Daniel Sperber

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4 , 4 5 d 4 3 : o m i P D p T n n (I), a n d A v a d i m 3 . 1 1 : X&pltttX (i). — 43 — Jastrow, REJ 7 (no 13), 1883, 150-52; Pineles, Darko shel Torah, Vienna 1861, 75; Briill Jahrb 4, 1879, 112: idem, ibid 5, 1883, 119; Krauss, LW 1, 268; idem, TA 2, 99;Juster, Les Juifs 2, 83-84; AC 8 Add 27; ACSup 36a; Jastrow 81b. For the fullest explanation and discussion, see Urbach, Papers of the Institute of Jewish Studies London, Jerusalem 1964, 59-60 = Zion, 25, 1960, 172. The Pehl etym in AC 1, 140ab is rejected by Bacher, ZDMG 42, 506.

But s u c h close literary a n a l y s i s of e a c h text w a s n o t d e e m e d t o b e w i t h i n t h e s c o p e of this l e x i c o g r a p h i c p r o j e c t . 3. DISCUSSION 3 . 1 . Topics discussed T h i s p a r t of t h e e n t r y a d m i t s t o being o f wide v a r i e t y of t r e a t m e n t s a n d t o p i c s . S u b j e c t s t o u c h e d u p o n m a y b e legal, h i s t o r i c a l , philological, text-critical, exegetical, e t c . 2. Rejected attestations A t t e s t a t i o n s of t h e e n t r y cited in earlier lexica, b u t rejected b y u s a r e d i s c u s s e d .

V. Onojuvrjjua II 3 et seq). Furthermore, the pi use of the verb p"lp3, are read, supports the assumption of an original pi form, (see Krauss, MT 5/1, 124 no285 n3). Lieberman, JQR 35, 1944, 32—33, (citing, inter alia, Bickerman, Aegyptus 13, 1933, 346 et seq). The onojuvtjpaza correspond to the acta or gesta. See also Buxt 186, AC 1, 219a. ) However, Prof Modrzejewski comments that first and foremost hypomnemata corresponds to the Lat commentarii, the official journal of an imperial functionary; , , 9 thus , , 6 DnopvrjiiaziGjicov of so and so (Egyptian prefect, strategos of the nome) = ex commentariis etc, extracts of the verbal case, a meaning well attested in papyri.

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