A Day and a Night and a Day: A Novel by Glen Duncan

By Glen Duncan

In a windowless mobile, a guy hangs from a couple of handcuffs. he's an american. His torturer will cease at not anything to extract the knowledge he calls for. He, too, is an american. an afternoon and an evening and an afternoon is a Grand Inquisition for the twenty-first century, during which love, loyalty, cause, and fact are on trial, and morality hangs within the stability. it's the tale of Augustus Rose, an not likely operative in a terrorist community, and his interrogator, Harper, a ruthless ambassador for the darkest forces at paintings in our occasions. past the legislations and with no wish of get away or reprieve, Augustus endures an emotional and actual attack that brings his complete lifestyles lower than brutal scrutiny: his race, faith, politics, and prior, the folks he has enjoyed, and the few he's nonetheless desirous to guard. on my own and sure of dying, Augustus increases the single guard he has: reminiscence. He recollects his outcast Euro-American mom, Juliet, whose erratic love used to be shelter from the unforgiving streets of Harlem within the Fifties; he recollects the unusual solace of Elise Merkete, the ravaged vigilante who recruited him into the ranks of her underground military; he relives the cool contact of the younger Spanish prostitute, In?s, might be the final girl tenderness he is ever prone to understand. Outshining all of them is the reminiscence of Selina, a gorgeous, , and rebellious white manhattan aristocrat. Their epic, taboo love affair, started in Nineteen Sixties new york, might yield a lifetime's worthy of ardour, heartbreak, and wanderlust, top Augustus from Harlem to Greenwich Village, from El Salvador to Barcelona, from Morocco to a bleak British island the place demise turns out his simply spouse. Dramatic, far-reaching, and fantastically written, an afternoon and an evening and an afternoon is either a piercing love tale and a well timed, harrowing evaluate of the form the Western global is taking.

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Mixed blood for a start. My father was half-Swiss half-English, my mother second-generation RussianAmerican. ” One of the guards stretches his legs and his foot nudges the canvas bag. Augustus feels the muffled clink in his teeth, skull, kneecaps, sees televised surgery’s clamped open cavity and rubber gloved doctors rootling the organs, shoving a stomach out of the way or holding a satiny heart up to the camera. He wishes he could just for a moment wrap his arms around himself. “Your mother was Italian,” Harper says.

A truth wasn’t something you believed in, it was something you knew, and a truth wasn’t a truth unless it could be proved. It astonished him that those around him went about their business as if the world—as if being alive— was uncomplicated and unmysterious. An old white-haired black guy went door to door with a little foot-pedaled grinding machine to sharpen knives. How long had he been doing that? What was the point? He looked eighty. Had he ever wondered if his whole life was an illusion created by some wicked scientist, a dream from which he’d one day wake up on an operating table in shock?

They’d made each other take turns standing in it. Augustus was quietly stunned that these elemental things—firelight, moonlight—were still around. 38 A D ay a n d a N i g h t and a Day His world was buildings and leaping ads and the flanks of cars. Meanwhile out here all this weirdly alive indifference reduced civilization to a fleck. Selina’s eyes and teeth and earrings glimmered beneath him. No, he said, I don’t want to strangle you— why are we whispering? I just mean, she whispered, that I know you probably do want to strangle me, but I’ll need some time to work myself around to it.

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