A brotherhood of arms: Brazil-United States military by Sonny B. Davis

By Sonny B. Davis

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S. aid colored negotiations over all bilateral military issues. Nowhere was this clearer than in discussions for a missile-tracking station on Fernando de Noronha Island and for radio and long-range navigation (LORAN) radar sites in the Northeast. Relations worked through a number of channels, although the JBUSMC became the most prominent symbol of BrazilianUnited Page xvi States military ties in the years following World War II. The commission, located in Rio de Janeiro, and its Washington counterpart, the JBUSDC, dealt with most aspects of bilateral military relations under the 1952 Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement.

S. connection throughout his lengthy career. Despite the efforts of Hopkins and Welles, General Amaro Soares Bittencourt, chief of the Brazilian Military Commission, had little to cheer. Bittencourt was in Washington with Finance Minister Artur de Souza Costa to arrange economic and military assistance promised when Brazil broke with Germany. He found that little aid was then available. S. ability to increase or deliver desired war matériel speedily. " He "was not satisfied with the materiel promised" and requested a definite statement of precisely what would be provided.

S. S. 5 The instruments of the new military relationship were the Joint BrazilUnited States Defense and Military Commissions (JBUSDC and JBUSMC). Created in 1942 to oversee mutual defense and security, the commissions were central to bilateral military relations and to the preparation of Brazilian forces for war. S. foreign Page xv policy. S. S. help in enhancing its position in South American affairs by assisting in the modernization of its military and economy. S. S. S. connection. As a consequence, the relationship adapted, often with difficulty, to the changing post-war environment.

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