3-D Geometric Origami by Rona Gurkewitz

By Rona Gurkewitz

Innovative, stimulating and tough publication combines the artwork of paperfolding with making polyhedra-based versions. initiatives variety from the rather easy dice and tetrahedron to such mind-boggling fabrications because the double pentagonal pyramid and the truncated hexadecahedron. directions and diagrams integrated.

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If locking tabs are used in assembling the pyramids, neither of these models will need any glue. If locking tabs are not used, a small amount of glue will be needed to assemble the four module pyramids. Triangle Edge Module by Lewis Simon and Bennett Arnstein Unfold mountain crease made in FIG. 1. Crease A on entering module lines up with crease B on receiving module. Crease B on entering module lines up with mountain crease along diagonal seam on receiving module. This module makes polyhedra with flat equilateral triangle faces.

Fullerene is made up of sixty carbon atoms arranged as on the corners of a truncated icosahedron which is roughly the shape of a soccer ball. Crystallography: Many crystals take the shape of polyhedra. For example, fluorite is octahedral; sugar, gold and copper are cubic. Part Two Making Models (Clockwise) Dodecahedron Flower Ball, page 39 Great dodecahedron (from Pentagon modules, page 58) Great dodecahedron (from Simplified Pentagon modules, page 60) Using the Diagrams and Directions Overview In using the diagrams for a model you should first familiarize yourself with the underlying polyhedra.

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